DRUM-ROLL…. Welcome the Samsung Galaxy S8.



“Unbox your phone” is the new slogan for the premium Samsung phone – the Samsung Galaxy S8. On the outside we have a fabulous screen, ranging from sizes 5.8″ to a tall yet slim 6.2″. Packed in to the slim seamless screen comes a SUPER-AMOLED screen – wondering what that means? Well, colours are more vibrant, quality is a lot better, text is a lot clearer and not to mention the photos without a good camera and a screen to go with it is useless, which is why Samsung have chucked in a dual camera at the rear with a 12MP gear to really stabilise and give you that extra OOMPH to your selfies. The front camera for all those celebrity selfies comes with a 8MP camera, giving you one of the best selfie cameras on the market now. However, with Apple readying a 10th anniversary revelation to the world, it would not be surprising to see the iPhone X (or 8) making an entry with a camera that puts Samsung back to the drawing boards. With that camera, comes a smashing 4K video recording which means you could shoot your own movies from a camera that is the size of your pocket and never lose focus when there’s an action scene happening – it will capture all of that without fail.


To make sure you guys never see a loading sign (…) for which ever program you launch on the new Galaxy, Samsung and the geeks in the labs have fitted a OCTA-CORE processor which means you can do a lot of things that you may have found a little battery-draining in the past, a lot quicker now – things like split-screen and running various apps on the go, would be a lot easier and not to mention the word seamless. That word does make all the difference when it comes to hardware and software being merged into one.


To top off the phones beautiful design we are kept at awe, as Samsung have equipped the queen with a 3000mAh battery and a 3500 mAh on the + model. That means, more doing and less charging essentially.

Housed with such amazing features and being tagged across the web as a ‘powerhouse’, I can only guess the amount of pre-orders going through at the moment.

Who is going to buy one ? share your photos and thoughts at the bottom. With a wide array of colours being offered! I’m guessing there is a colour for all of you.



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