The beauty of learning code is beyond fathomable!



Starting off using code was a beautiful beginning for me and I have loved it ever since – always learning new languages and pursuing to build my own software. Ultimately, I wanted to help the world with this knowledge. To give back to the world – I am a strong believer that the fortunate should give as much help to the less fortunate as possible. Helping others succeed in the endeavours does not dampen yours at all.

The image above does look confusing to anyone at first – but I promise once you break it down to sections, it is as easy as reading a book with a few new words inside of it – I know we’ve all been through that.

So code guys! learn it and if you really do want to learn to code then head over to W3 Schools and it has tons of tutorials and it is really hands on, as opposed to the 1000 word tutorials that exist out there.

Go get em guys!

“I believe everyone should learn to code, no matter what profession you are in because you have an infinite power within your hands and could create anything that pops in to your head in an instant”.

Below are a few inspiring people in tech 🙂 I also love these people and they inspire me loads.


Bill Gates @ Microsoft


Jan Koum @ What’sApp


Steve Jobs @ Apple,inc


*** Sundar Pichai @ Google – Innovator of Google Chrome and Android applications ***


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