Do what you love – You will never have to work a day in your life.



So someone dearly close to me aspires to help kids and to help them succeed in who they want to be. She will get there I always tell her – take it day by day and eventually you will reach your destination, just don’t give up. She has drive, ambition and a massive heart and I reckon that’s the formula for success for anyone.

Striving to be a teacher after she finishes university is something I adore, because helping others is in both of our DNA’s. I will forever support her I said, I will forever stand by you through whatever it is you want to do in life. As long as you believe it is the right thing to do then you go get em!

I always told her do something you love and it will pay off in more ways than money – you can tap dance to work knowing that the class room that will soon be occupied with kids with so much awe and wonder in the world – kids lives that you will make a difference to and that means more to her than the world and all it contains.

Leaving an office job was her escape – she thought she would have liked it, but it’s not for everyone, now she goes to a place that will be more interactive and enjoyable, and honestly meeting new people and making a difference to everyone person she meets. I hope you seriously enjoy this job my dearest and keep focused on your dream of becoming a teacher.

I am here for you, no matter what and all I can advise is you is that you don’t give up and that you can only tackle a day at a time, so each day make it perfect and smile – you do have a gorgeous smile and have an amazing heart.


Warren Buffet and his wife Susie – remember what she said – “You don’t want to think that you have wasted all your time and your energy in doing something useless. Do something that makes peoples live better. Money will come and go.” You are…. well…. there is no finer human being on this planet. Love Arafat.


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