NFC – not just for payments. There is a lot more.



NFC, you have all more than likely heard of the technology. If not, well here is a simple explanation; your mobile finds a near by communicator such as a card machine and PING. It’s that simple – but using the app known as ‘Trigger’ we can all make our lives a little more interesting. Have I got your attention?

Brilliant, so what I have done is ordered a few NFC tags, and pre-programmed (set parameters – don’t worry you don’t have to write stuff like ‘IF X=!1’) to send a message to my entire household. I will be placing the NFC just as I come through the door and scan it, rather than pulling out my phone and typing away. Powerful, free and necessary for the lazy ones – AHEM, like me. Keep that a secret.

As always it has been a pleasure writing for you, and again if you love my posts, then share to others so that we can all have something to read and I would be more than happy to follow some blogs! I am an avid reader.

Until next time.


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