How does a juggler juggle 25 clubs? the answer is simple…



This is for anyone with an ambition to be someone, and I suspect everyone in this world wants to be somewhere that they have been dreaming about since you was a toddler. Well this analogy is simple; if you have ever been to the circus or walked down Westminster, you would most likely see someone juggling numerous amounts of clubs without a flinch. How do they do it? A combination of patience, persistence and passion added with a hint of just getting on with it and not thinking about it. Start with one, then two, then three and onward.

If your’e aspiring to developer property, then buy one house, then another and another. If you’re planning on learning a programming language (this is for my tech gurus or aspiring ones), start with one simple command such as print (‘hello world’), and then a program that changes the text colour when you click on it! (now it’s green) and so forth and by the time you know it, you’re designing and building programs whilst you eat, or for the jugglers out there, same principle applies. Got get em!

Arafat. Have a smashing night guys and wake up tomorrow ready to tap dance to work.


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