Holi Festival of colours – a global community


holi 2 2 2 2.jpgAll over the world the festival of colours is celebrated. A day which brings together a diverse community of people who celebrate peace and happiness by throwing what the Hindi call ‘Gulal’ which is just coloured powder. The celebration shows strength and unity amongst people from different walks in life and ultimately celebrates the victory of good against evil. The festival is something that I love! How can you not love the different types of people coming together to show love, sincerity and passion for the human race.

london holi.jpg

London Holi Festival 2017

The festival is held all around the world and one of the places is right here in beautiful London. It first came to London with a gentlemen known as Jasper Hellmann, who went to India, New Delhi in 2011 and saw the festival first hand, so he decided to bring it to Europe.


berlin holi.jpg

Germany, Berlin – 2017

This picture was taken in Germany 2017 at the Holi festival and doesn’t look amazing! Berlin is a very diverse country and has many ethnicity’s – mainly in Berlin. Just like London Berlin is set to grow to a multi-ethnicity scale as big as London in the next 5 years or less.



brazil holi.jpg

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro – 2017

The final place I will be posting on here is Brazil – the home of the parties, yellow sand, blue skies and the most optimistic human beings on the planet. All of these countries and many more across the globe celebrate this festival. When you get the chance, book a flight and take yourself down there and enjoy yourself.



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