I have set myself a goal and I need your help




Hello guys, I adore all my users but I feel as though more people should be a part of the community on the Kosmos Post and today I am aiming to get 100 views on my site for the day and if it does exceed the 100 mark then I will be over the moon and sending someone a gift from a pick of the hat. So can we get sharing and get the other bloggers and family members to huddle forward?

Arafat – Have a good day guys!


I stay up and stare into the night sky…



I look up at the night sky and wonder so many questions that I want answered but it seems that the answers to them have not showed themselves yet. I sit and want so many things but certain aspects of life do not allow it. anyway…

I am posting this because no matter what life may be like right now, I hope and I will make prayer for you that you come out of it Okay and happy.

We all need someone to lift us up and I hope I have helped somebody or many of you. Thank you for all my followers and supporters.

Allah always makes a way…



Google Street View – technology in touch with mother nature.



Google is the most innovative company out there and going head to head with Apple. However, Google’s team of innovators seem to be doing the works of God’s. Starting off with Google Street View which gives you the power to see the places around the world that you probably wouldn’t get the chance to. From volcanoes to green lands and snowy mountains – Google serves them all in on one grid laid website for you. Enjoy some of the images below that I saw while scouring through the camera web application.



Thank you Google.

If you know what an incubator/accelerator is then here is your read…




Incubators and accelerators have been exponentially expanding over recent years and here is why. The global economy is changing everyday, as more and more people realise that technology gives them the power to build anything they want and create a brand out of it. In about 10 years time or perhaps sooner, universities and schools will see a massive drop in attendance and number of students registered as everyone wants to take on the startup in fin-tech life.

Swiftly moving on, Y Combinator is the leading accelerator in the United states and offers students from Stanford and Harvard a place to accelerate their ideas into reality and then a scalable business. Airbnb went from a ‘this is the worst idea’ to ‘this is the worst idea to have worked’ – 2 young men working jobs, went out to start their own company in design and ended up building the biggest hotel conglomerate in the world without even having to own a single hotel or room. Providing users with the ability to put their room for rent on the website allowed last minute users to find a place to stay and also at a darn cheap rate. Score!

I myself am an entrepreneur besides this blog and that you guys don’t know much about so I will somehow, concisely brief you. About a year ago, I came up with an idea that would change the way users shop everyday and I got denied from an accelerator in the UK – probably amongst an array of reasons to which I will never know. However, these accelerators are amazing tools for you to seriously make your idea come to life.  A team with networking power, coding skills and mentoring catapults you further than you thought you could go.

Have a little read on the story of Airbnb and let me know what you think.

DRUM-ROLL…. Welcome the Samsung Galaxy S8.



“Unbox your phone” is the new slogan for the premium Samsung phone – the Samsung Galaxy S8. On the outside we have a fabulous screen, ranging from sizes 5.8″ to a tall yet slim 6.2″. Packed in to the slim seamless screen comes a SUPER-AMOLED screen – wondering what that means? Well, colours are more vibrant, quality is a lot better, text is a lot clearer and not to mention the photos without a good camera and a screen to go with it is useless, which is why Samsung have chucked in a dual camera at the rear with a 12MP gear to really stabilise and give you that extra OOMPH to your selfies. The front camera for all those celebrity selfies comes with a 8MP camera, giving you one of the best selfie cameras on the market now. However, with Apple readying a 10th anniversary revelation to the world, it would not be surprising to see the iPhone X (or 8) making an entry with a camera that puts Samsung back to the drawing boards. With that camera, comes a smashing 4K video recording which means you could shoot your own movies from a camera that is the size of your pocket and never lose focus when there’s an action scene happening – it will capture all of that without fail.


To make sure you guys never see a loading sign (…) for which ever program you launch on the new Galaxy, Samsung and the geeks in the labs have fitted a OCTA-CORE processor which means you can do a lot of things that you may have found a little battery-draining in the past, a lot quicker now – things like split-screen and running various apps on the go, would be a lot easier and not to mention the word seamless. That word does make all the difference when it comes to hardware and software being merged into one.


To top off the phones beautiful design we are kept at awe, as Samsung have equipped the queen with a 3000mAh battery and a 3500 mAh on the + model. That means, more doing and less charging essentially.

Housed with such amazing features and being tagged across the web as a ‘powerhouse’, I can only guess the amount of pre-orders going through at the moment.

Who is going to buy one ? share your photos and thoughts at the bottom. With a wide array of colours being offered! I’m guessing there is a colour for all of you.


The beauty of learning code is beyond fathomable!



Starting off using code was a beautiful beginning for me and I have loved it ever since – always learning new languages and pursuing to build my own software. Ultimately, I wanted to help the world with this knowledge. To give back to the world – I am a strong believer that the fortunate should give as much help to the less fortunate as possible. Helping others succeed in the endeavours does not dampen yours at all.

The image above does look confusing to anyone at first – but I promise once you break it down to sections, it is as easy as reading a book with a few new words inside of it – I know we’ve all been through that.

So code guys! learn it and if you really do want to learn to code then head over to W3 Schools and it has tons of tutorials and it is really hands on, as opposed to the 1000 word tutorials that exist out there.

Go get em guys!

“I believe everyone should learn to code, no matter what profession you are in because you have an infinite power within your hands and could create anything that pops in to your head in an instant”.

Below are a few inspiring people in tech 🙂 I also love these people and they inspire me loads.


Bill Gates @ Microsoft


Jan Koum @ What’sApp


Steve Jobs @ Apple,inc


*** Sundar Pichai @ Google – Innovator of Google Chrome and Android applications ***

It’s our birthday ! – Happy anniversary to the Kosmos Post.


Happy 4th Anniversary to the Kosmos Post

Firstly I would like to thank all of my followers and viewers for your support and interest – it is dearly appreciated.Today officially marks my blogs 4th birthday and with that means a few changes; the first being the new and improved look and the others will be videos of myself, a linked in YouTube account and many more cool aspects to the blog to make it more interesting for you. It has been an incredible journey and I promise with age comes wisdom and there will be so much more for every one of you!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to wish the Kosmos post a happy anniversary.

Do what you love – You will never have to work a day in your life.



So someone dearly close to me aspires to help kids and to help them succeed in who they want to be. She will get there I always tell her – take it day by day and eventually you will reach your destination, just don’t give up. She has drive, ambition and a massive heart and I reckon that’s the formula for success for anyone.

Striving to be a teacher after she finishes university is something I adore, because helping others is in both of our DNA’s. I will forever support her I said, I will forever stand by you through whatever it is you want to do in life. As long as you believe it is the right thing to do then you go get em!

I always told her do something you love and it will pay off in more ways than money – you can tap dance to work knowing that the class room that will soon be occupied with kids with so much awe and wonder in the world – kids lives that you will make a difference to and that means more to her than the world and all it contains.

Leaving an office job was her escape – she thought she would have liked it, but it’s not for everyone, now she goes to a place that will be more interactive and enjoyable, and honestly meeting new people and making a difference to everyone person she meets. I hope you seriously enjoy this job my dearest and keep focused on your dream of becoming a teacher.

I am here for you, no matter what and all I can advise is you is that you don’t give up and that you can only tackle a day at a time, so each day make it perfect and smile – you do have a gorgeous smile and have an amazing heart.


Warren Buffet and his wife Susie – remember what she said – “You don’t want to think that you have wasted all your time and your energy in doing something useless. Do something that makes peoples live better. Money will come and go.” You are…. well…. there is no finer human being on this planet. Love Arafat.

The programmers way of creating a shopping list – Arrays!


js shopping basket.png


So using the developers options in Google chrome I decided to create my list of necessary grocery items – I live and love programming so I usually do this, and thought I would take the time to share this with you… It’s a little nerdy but I love it and I reckon it’s the cool way of standing out in the milk aisle. The image you see above is a JS shopping basket.

Step by step process below… (nothing confusing – straight forward basic JavaScript).



So what you want to do is head over to Google Chrome and click on the three small dots on the top right corner and you should see a drop down menu like the image above and then, go down to tools – developer tools and hit ‘enter’.



Then type in the following – changing whatever items you want and you have created an array of things you will need and below I’ll explain how this works.


So the first thing we do (because we are a team) is create a variable – think of a variable as a container). We call this variable myList, now the computer knows, right, I have a container which is identified to me as ‘myList’. Brilliant. Now, we want the computer to know what exactly goes in that list, which we will then input an array of things; an array is just a series of items, numbers or names in one place that appear all together when the computer is prompted to. That is it, we let the computer know that is the end of that command by placing ‘;’ one of these at the end of the closing brackets.

Now it may not look that pretty and appealing now, but think about what applications, web apps you could build with just understanding the basics.

Don’t listen to those people out there that say programming is hard – it really isn’t it’s easy.

Have fun guys!


Architecture from the stars downwards… Amazing.


airhouse.gifArchitecture, where do I begin – well firstly, I love it as well as one of my close friends from school (Saamer Shafique). Architecture is a fast paced industry and will continue to awe everyone as it grows. The next big 9th wonder of the world which most of you guys would think its an alien ship hovering over earth is a floating asteroid building. See images below and check it out! It’s amazing.

Courtesy of Saamer Shafique hosting on behalf of http://www.Deezen.com

supertall asteroid.jpg

Super tall building hanging from an asteroid in space… thoughts?


New and improved Kosmos Post



So it has been nearly 4 years since my blog first started up. I have loved it and still do. Always sharing bite-size chunks of my life, news, technology and many more cool subjects. So, after 4 years I decided the site needed some cleansing and a new look – so here it is! fresh, blue, clear and I hope you guys love it because I do.

Let me know what you think.


How technology is keeping us safe – Facebook safety check



Facebook is not only your go-to social media site to follow others and see what your friends are doing, it’s more than that. Facebook has ‘community’ written in their DNA and they do it really well.

Released in October 2014, it gives people the ability to let their loved ones on Facebook know that they are safe and sound. Simple but incredibly efficient.

The simplicity of it is key – during a crises most people are panicking and rushing around, so Facebook has designed it that at first sight you have all your safety questions that your loved ones would be thinking (God forbid) if a crisis took place, with all the pre-loaded answers at first glance.

Powerful tool indeed.

People of London will carry on with their heads high and full of love.


love not hate.jpg

Yesterdays horrific incident in the West end of London saw tourists, citizens and families torn apart by sickening acts from individuals with no remorse nor a shred of love for those around them. This is Britain, a place where we welcome diversity – not to mention the hospitality that comes with the beautiful architect and the immense mixture of culture.

Despite today’s incident the people of London will prevail by showing love and unity. After all, it is us as a nation that can drive peace, change and a promising future for the next generation.

My condolences go out to the families who lost anyone in this incident – and I hope you remain strong.


How does a juggler juggle 25 clubs? the answer is simple…



This is for anyone with an ambition to be someone, and I suspect everyone in this world wants to be somewhere that they have been dreaming about since you was a toddler. Well this analogy is simple; if you have ever been to the circus or walked down Westminster, you would most likely see someone juggling numerous amounts of clubs without a flinch. How do they do it? A combination of patience, persistence and passion added with a hint of just getting on with it and not thinking about it. Start with one, then two, then three and onward.

If your’e aspiring to developer property, then buy one house, then another and another. If you’re planning on learning a programming language (this is for my tech gurus or aspiring ones), start with one simple command such as print (‘hello world’), and then a program that changes the text colour when you click on it! (now it’s green) and so forth and by the time you know it, you’re designing and building programs whilst you eat, or for the jugglers out there, same principle applies. Got get em!

Arafat. Have a smashing night guys and wake up tomorrow ready to tap dance to work.

NFC – not just for payments. There is a lot more.



NFC, you have all more than likely heard of the technology. If not, well here is a simple explanation; your mobile finds a near by communicator such as a card machine and PING. It’s that simple – but using the app known as ‘Trigger’ we can all make our lives a little more interesting. Have I got your attention?

Brilliant, so what I have done is ordered a few NFC tags, and pre-programmed (set parameters – don’t worry you don’t have to write stuff like ‘IF X=!1’) to send a message to my entire household. I will be placing the NFC just as I come through the door and scan it, rather than pulling out my phone and typing away. Powerful, free and necessary for the lazy ones – AHEM, like me. Keep that a secret.

As always it has been a pleasure writing for you, and again if you love my posts, then share to others so that we can all have something to read and I would be more than happy to follow some blogs! I am an avid reader.

Until next time.

PSD2 on its way – How will business and consumers be affected?



What is the PSD2?

The PSD2 is the second payment services directive, designed by the countries of the European Union. It could potentially revolutionise the way we pay for things online and in-store to what information we see too. So, to put it into perspective – if you’re a consumer and have more than one bank account you will be able to see all of your accounts in one place rather than having different account logins for Barclays and Natwest.

What does it mean for businesses?

For businesses it means they may just be tipped over on their head with the payment systems – as they will need to spend a little bit more of their money to keep up to date with the latest technology trends.

What does it mean for consumers?

For consumers it means more security, flexibility and it means that before when companies could have hidden charges etc – now they cannot. It also means that when a payment is being taken more identity authentication will be carried out for your benefit.

To learn more about the PSD2 update coming in 2018 – head over to ‘TransferWise’

Holi Festival of colours – a global community


holi 2 2 2 2.jpgAll over the world the festival of colours is celebrated. A day which brings together a diverse community of people who celebrate peace and happiness by throwing what the Hindi call ‘Gulal’ which is just coloured powder. The celebration shows strength and unity amongst people from different walks in life and ultimately celebrates the victory of good against evil. The festival is something that I love! How can you not love the different types of people coming together to show love, sincerity and passion for the human race.

london holi.jpg

London Holi Festival 2017

The festival is held all around the world and one of the places is right here in beautiful London. It first came to London with a gentlemen known as Jasper Hellmann, who went to India, New Delhi in 2011 and saw the festival first hand, so he decided to bring it to Europe.


berlin holi.jpg

Germany, Berlin – 2017

This picture was taken in Germany 2017 at the Holi festival and doesn’t look amazing! Berlin is a very diverse country and has many ethnicity’s – mainly in Berlin. Just like London Berlin is set to grow to a multi-ethnicity scale as big as London in the next 5 years or less.



brazil holi.jpg

Brazil, Rio De Janeiro – 2017

The final place I will be posting on here is Brazil – the home of the parties, yellow sand, blue skies and the most optimistic human beings on the planet. All of these countries and many more across the globe celebrate this festival. When you get the chance, book a flight and take yourself down there and enjoy yourself.


How are you guys finding this fantastic blog?



So the Kosmos Post has been running for a little over 3 years now and honestly, I have loved having it here as my little digital diary of thoughts that I believe most other people have as well as me. So I would like to hear from you guys, any suggestions, advertisements, posts you would like to hear about?  You know what to do.

I am still an amateur at this so if there are any experienced bloggers out there, give me a shout and I would really appreciate your advice and input. Thank you guys! Have a brilliant Sunday.

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne – The book that could change your life



I told the story of how I came about this book not too long ago on my LinkedIn account (add me if you like!). The book is exceptionally inspirational and could seriously change ones life. I was going through a time where I had no clue what so ever, what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go – that wasn’t entirely true, because I always knew what I wanted to become. The underlying issue all of these years was simple – I was living my life in ‘dogma’ – which is living life with the opinions of others. After realising this book, I fell in love with it and found one conclusion from it; the law of attraction is real and works. Tell the world what you want and believe it with every inch of your soul and soon enough it will come to life for you.

You see, what is the point of living a life which you do not enjoy? There isn’t any point. I realised that living a life in the office 9-5 and then coming back to only seeing your family for a few hours was not living. It was surviving for the next holiday, the next Christmas. Living is doing what you love, and no one is saying it is going to be easy – no, but it will be worth it. That I can guarantee you.

If you guys want to know in full how this changed my life then head over to my LinkedIn and you will see the post on my page.

Take care all!

Love is a strange thing – The more you give out, the more you get back. There is no such thing as powerful as the power of love.


muslimcoupleThis post comes from a part of the human body that normally, in this world finds it hard to speak – her name is the heart. It beats everyday even when you sleep, and it is the cerebral’s best friend, when the heart hurts, the brain tells the entire body to stop. But when the heart strikes with joy (not to the point of a heart attack – God forbid), but when the heart sees, hears and feels someone they love, the brain tells the body – do somersaults and smile like a weirdo.

In Islam, the most powerful thing that brings most people together, is the trusted belief that two people met before they were even born – that to them is something beyond what the Earth and all its mysteries  can offer.

Every religion has its beauty, and I am one to listen and adore every religion. Like, comment and share! It’s about love by the way.

PS. Miss Shah…psst.

All the best my readers…

Google Calender – best calendar app to date



To branch from my recent post about the Google Pixel; this post will tell you about how an avid iPhone user came to fall in love with all things Google!iOS is amazing don’t get me wrong guys! But you have to admit that Google synchronise their cloud platforms a hell of a lot better ! It’s just so interactive and I have fallen in love with it.I asked Google calendar to set me a goal and all I had to do was set some parameters, somewhat like programming, set some parameters and let the program do the rest for you!

So here’s a massive thank you to Google and their innovative team and efforts !

Counter-intuitive environments are what bring inspiration to ones mind


Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

A counter-intuitive environment is an environment which is one that is different to the one you tend to settle in. For example, programmers will sit in a coffee shop – however I have found that going for a walk and seeing sights is the perfect time for me to capture new ideas and ponder on how I could deliver them to the world. I believe everyone should give it a go!

It has been proven by many successful entrepreneurs, that different environments offer a broader circle of thinking. It is amazing how such things like weather, environment and people that are around us, can influence who and what we can become in the near future.

Try your counter-intuitive environment this week and post a reply on here and let me know how it went!

All the best!

Potterize – the app that turns your videos into a harry-potter style newspaper



So, I was quite intrigued by the newspapers on Harry Potter and had a light-bulb idea, when researching a little, I came across an app known as ‘Potterize’. An app that turns your videos into 3 second shots and adds it into a newspaper just like the magical moving ones in Harry potter. Fantastic stuff! I’m going to give it a go tonight and I can only suspect I will enjoy it. If you’re a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, LIKE, SHARE AND FOLLOW.



Google Pixels camera has me won over…for now


GooglePixelNow, for long now, there has been a war between two giants of the smart phone world; Android and Apple. I’ll be honest, to this day iPhone has me in shackles waiting at the nearest Apple store – you got to hand it to them, they market immensely well compared to their rivals, Android (on any device that is). However, Apple’s most recent news suggests the new devices are not expected to be the hot stuff on the market no more… who knows we will see. But moving on, I want to talk about one of Google Pixels camera software features that makes my life incredibly easier.

It’s the camera feature that allows you to hold your camera over something and press and hold on the screen (without taking a picture) and it will scan the Google search engine and find relevant searches for that product; A perfect visual aid tool for the ones who see a pair of trainers on your mates feet, but don’t want to ask them where they purchased it from. We’ve all been there right? More or less I’m guessing.

Anyway, this feature has me won over on the Google pixel – maybe it’s not enough but I reckon for Apple to keep me on their ship is going to take a hugely innovative product that will sweep Googles phone out of the market.

Let’s see what happens in the next 6 months Apple. Don’t forget to post your comments and likes if this tickles your fancy.

LumbrJack Web Development – Made for students


logos (3)

I was a student once, and the need to gain some quick knowledge in web development or android application development was niche. Extremely hard to find, I would resort to Google and searching up hundreds of pages for the right answer was tedious. Let’s be honest, a developer always comes in handy – I am one of them. LumbrJack Web development is only available through Facebook at the moment, but in time you can find yourself at a brand spanking new website officially known as ‘LumbrJackdevelopment’ – or something along those lines.

There is something I like to call the, ’11thHour cry for help’ – University can get quite demanding and so can college, and sometimes we just want someone to guide us or build for us a fantastic looking website with all the cool features. Well, no need to spend time on Wix or pay a developer huge amounts – at a small cost I will give you a website, fully function-able and I will also teach you how to code your own website which, once you have completed, you can add it on the Facebook Page and launch it for your own business or hobby.

Jump on board and watch how the LumbrJack team develop websites for university/college students in need.



“There is beauty in the struggle” – to my beloved woman. May Allah bless you.


loveThe start of something amazing, it’s never expected right? This story began earlier this year on the 20th of January 2016 @ Westminster, right next to the walk, alongside the bridge, facing beautiful tall buildings (some which were apartments). But wait, it started a little before that, let’s go back to roughly 2 weeks.

I met a woman, beautiful, a laugh which made a man like me extremely curious and a heart which would make an honest man out of me. We kicked off our relationship like typical “to fall in love” individuals; I was on one hand, curious and always attentive to her, whereas she, she was more shy, peeking around a corner at me until I looked over…but I always knew she would look, just that feeling that someones eye balls are prying your every move – it was the most adorable thing ever. But one day, between us was a structure like a square with computers around it – and I stood idol and stared at her for a protracted amount of time, wondering how such an amazing smile could have been placed on this earth? unfathomable i would say.

As days went on, a rare process to place – the process which is known as “flower from the concrete”. Our relationship, our love for each other, was not derived from a normal situation, rather a hardship which then formed a unbreakable and forever strengthening love. We went through tumbles, trials and storms, some which were natural and some which were of idiots roaming these planet like pigeons (inside joke).

That love now is something I would never swap for all of abundance in life – never.

The woman I love, kicked me in my legs once, giving me harsh pain in the mornings, which I shouted her name, upon placing my feet on my bedroom floor – as one would do so, after getting out of bed. However.. I got to admit, it was a well deserved kick… I tricked her into thinking we was going up the escalators haha!. Memorable moment.

There was a time when, I threw something at her, and she chased me around and around a shop floor. Of course the woman I love, back then was assumed a slow poke, but damn the girl could run haha, nearly caught up with me.

Now, 20th January is the moment which is something I would like to conclude this chapter with – the rest is memories not made for text or pictures. My love, you will soon read this and understand exactly what I meant here, and how much you mean to me.

20th January, bitter cold, peak of winter… Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We were both shaking in the cold, and hugging each other. Both so shy, and waiting for one or the other to make a move to show the other person that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Typically enough it was her that did, because I tried to play a smart move. Hugging me from behind, and then me turning around and looking into your eyes… the rest is history. Our history.

Read this carefully and let me know what u see in this text… only you will understand

remember the first time said “I love you” to each other?

remember all the times you called my “Lips” crusty?

remember the first time we to the “zOo”?

remember all the times we talk about our “Vision” together?

Remember the way say hello in cockney, “Ello”?

Last of all, it will always be me and “yoU”.






New book ordered and arriving tomorrow!


C#/C Sharp crash course

The beginners guide to learning C# programming

Any programmers or just some interested beings, here’s something you might want to set your eyes on. We all know programming is evolving fast and so is the software and technology that is a by-product for it. I have ordered a new book, and I cannot wait to receive it tomorrow! going to be an amazing read before I head into university with the misses and do some more work.


I shall blog tomorrow and let you guys know where I am with the book! Have a good day!

Rich dad poor dad – An amazing read



The book that can change the way you think…

rich dad poor dad

“An honest eye opener”

Rich dad poor dad, we’ve all heard of this popular book. Well, this book was just a hearsay for me until about 6 months ago, when i actually finished the book with a full understanding of what Robert Kiyosaki was teaching. The principles that Robert teaches spring from his childhood – he had a poor dad and a rich dad (rich dad wasn’t his biological dad), and both taught him two aspects of two different worlds. One was more of a text book approach to life; you know the life of school, college, university and then become a doctor. On the other hand, we had the rich dad who taught this simple line and lifestyle, “Make money work for you”.

The book is an amazing read and entails so many fantastic advices that I have also implemented into my life and I can assure you, it really has a bizarre but sensational effect to your life.

Out – Arafat Hussain. Until next time.

Visual Studio / C# – The insight into a final hurdle at university


The story of a student with a dream

and the road to almost.

The books, lectures, seminars, research, amongst many other things has been my life for the last four years. My course was meant to be only 3 years, so, this was the case for my peers last year, who graduated and celebrated with their gowns – well done to them, and may they be granted a successful future and an abundance of achievements. In this post, I am going to be completely honest and talk about my failures (stepping stones) and how i got to where I am now; the place which leaves me 2 weeks shy of finishing university and waiting for the final results to ping on my email. A daunting time indeed.

The first year of university was a breeze, I must say, it entailed nothing but team work and obtainable answers from every corner of the facility. Lecturers and the teaching staff were phenomenal in supporting students, and may they receive the adequate rewards for their work towards so many students successes.

The second year, also a breeze… well for the first, 5 months. After these 5 months, the work load started to increase, baring in mind, this was the first year that actually counted towards my final grade! the pressure was on. The programming started, less help was available, more words were to be written, team projects were being allocated and lecturers and university staff started becoming our favourite recipient(s) on email. We can all relate. As this year came to an end, I knew I would be fine! I carried on working hard, and actually completed the second year with a 2:1 overall. Nice!

The third year, so before I go into this year, I want to start with, failure is only failure if it is accepted as one, otherwise, for someone who sees failure as a stepping stone to success, will ultimately succeed in their endeavours eventually. I believe this strongly. so the third year was a sensational year at the beginning – why? Well, me and my fellow peers had the feeling of freedom fast approaching, we could taste it in the cold winter air. Anyway, lets skip the adjectives and comparisons. I went through a lot in my third year, mostly self inflicted, laziness, family issues and personal issues. All, played a contribution to failing my final year, but one stood out and weighed more than the rest, I could feel it – it was the personal issues, you guessed it right? So this academic year left me staring at space with a priceless face that only God saw, a face which was in awe and wonder of how I failed. However, as time went by, I realised this so called ‘failure’ was not that at all, it was a lesson, a lesson which I must learn, and it was so sort my personal life out, and everything else will fall into place; after all it all starts in the mind.

Summer 2015 went by, and I received  an email from my supervisor Keeran Jamil, in this email she stated the following (concise as possible), “Arafat, i have enrolled you back onto the course next year to complete your only outstanding piece of work, your dissertation”. I was thrilled, and so I began preparing and looking forward to another endeavour with a new mindset and a concrete plan. Off I went!

Now, here we are, its the final year (AGAIN), and I’m finishing off my product which is as an instant messaging application which I am building on Visual Studio using C#. The messaging application will be with you guys very soon! Date will be confirmed via this blog in time. So stay updated. It’s a lot of work programming, but the creativity side of it really adds a spice to it and makes me want to keep carrying on! its sort of like a drug. So, will I succeed? Well, I can say I for sure, do want to succeed this year and celebrate with my loved ones and my dearest woman who is also due to graduate this year – we work as a team, which is something all couples should have! succeed together. So the product I’m building is something which is very personal to me and has a lot of sentimental meaning also. Please stay updated on this blog and hear more about me and stay even more in tune for my embarrassing graduation pictures!

A special thank you for the support goes to:

  • Family – The ones to tell you, you shouldn’t do something but also the ones to support you the most. Love you all. Brothers, mum and dad.
  • Friends – Jack Marian, Joshua Akinola Ajibare Fasuyi and Tanvir Miah
  • Supervisors and staff members – Madeliene Togher, Keeran Jamil, Christine Du Toit, for their unrivalled support with the heaps of work and constant motivation.
  • S Shah – My wife to be, a powerful woman, independent in so many ways, loving, caring, funny, goofy, best of all, my best friend, my motivation, my dearest, my ride or die. I love you.

The beauty of Islam -Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Islam is a beautiful religion and teaches many beautiful and inspirational ways of living. This post will seek to discover Islam and how the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) led his life during the old times. First let’s take a look at where Islam came from. Islam was originated in Mecca around the start of the 7th century and was revealed to Prophet Muhammad by the arch angel Gabriel. Muhammad spread the word across the Arabian lands, but it was a test worthy trial and Muhammad kept his principles of Islam throughout his time.

Islam teaches peace, love and submission to Allah (God). During Prophet Muhammad’s time he was kind to all people; despite religion, despite race or gender. Islam teaches so many life principles that, to this day are implemented by the muslim communities around the world and even by some other religions who have similar beliefs.

One of my most favourite teaching from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the way a man should treat his wife; the woman should be treated kindly, with respect and shown nothing but love. During Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) time, his wife Khadija would fall ill and Prophet Muhammad would stick by her until full recovery. That is a lesson of true love.

To learn more about Islam teachings just send me a message and I will shine some light on what I know. If there is something anyone would like to add, then please share.

The world of retail – What to expect?


I have had my experience in the world of retail and I can honestly say, its been a good one…with a few bumps. Any students looking for a job within retail – full time or just a part time job whilst you study hard for your dream, take some of this advise on board and i’m sure you will find something; we all need the extra money in the back pocket to pay our bills!

  • Keep applying – don’t get put off from the amount of refusals, its all a part of the process.
  • Learn from your mistakes – Whether its on the application, your Curriculum Vitae (CV), interviews, always learn from them and ask for feedback! its essential to knowing what we could do better next time.
  • Apply for a job that has ethics you can work with! The last thing you want to do, is get a job which forces you to work unethically and against your personal morals.

You can expect the world of retail to be boring and subject to a lot of chores, such as, stacking shelves etc. But, just like life itself, it is what you make it. Immerse yourself with the right people, enjoy yourself and most of all learn from the job.